We are a two person team consisting of one a super handy dude who likes to make stuff. He also happens to have the most upbeat positive attitude about life.

And, one creative tech girl who in addition to designing most of our products and our website, also plays photographer and social media manager.

And we can’t forget about our giggly 2 year old that keeps us on our toes and ultimately is the reason we’re doing this.

Why Celebration-scape?

Atomic Kraftworks was born out of the desire to just make cool stuff! We started a year and a half ago with our first foray into creative crafted goods and we never would have guessed back then where this would go, or how fast it would go there. And the best part is that we’re just getting started!

Fab-fun Goodies

We work to elevate life’s experiences by creating products that delight and add a little extra fab to make your events more personal and memorable.